About us

About us

Packaging is critical to product differentiation and security in today’s competitive era. Pioneering companies choose packaging strategies according to their desired market position.
Behband group of companies is a family business dedicated to producing packaging products for more than 3 decades. Our company’s founders have a deep passion for the packaging industry and with years spent and dedicated in this field, we claim that we are experts in producing your desired packaging materials and providing all you require for securing and packaging your products in the best possible way. We’ve come a long way since the birthday and the beginning of our company’s original activity focusing on the provision of packaging materials in the 1980s.

Throughout these years since the foundation, the company’s strive to meet and exceed customers’ needs, finding innovative solutions, and fulfilling social responsibilities has always been ceaseless.
Currently, we rely on more than 150 human resources to support you and provide 24/7 customer service to keep you satisfied.
Our company has established many sub-brands throughout the years to solidify the distinguished needs of each valuable segment of our customers.
Our Q-class products are a superlative provision of sub-brands in Behband. They aim to conquer those who demand the utmost quality and performance.
We can help you secure and package your products most efficiently with our extensive range of products and services. Based on your industry sector we assure you to provide you with the most suitable packaging solutions for your purpose. We produce packaging materials, from stretch films to plastic (polypropylene and polyester) and steel straps. Our packaging machinery and tools are suitable for different packaging materials from plastic PP and PET straps to steel straps and stretch films. We are the official representative of Compack, Messersi, Saizar, Siebeck, Joinpack, and Zapak since the 2000s.
Our company’s services contain all the possible solutions for all your packaging needs. Our expert sales engineers provide you with technical consultation from the very beginning of your decision to start the process of finding the best packaging solution for your valuable products. Our products meet the international compliance obligations and we export to various countries all around the world. With our world-class quality control processes, we guarantee the most suitable product possible for helping you achieve your goals. Whether you desire a fully automated packaging line with a massive number of loads to be packaged or simply using a hand tool for packaging your products, we assure you that we can help you reach your desired goals in the best possible way.

An Overview Of Our History

Behband Packaging Industry’s history has been shaped since 1980, the very beginning of a series of sequences leading to today in which we are a pioneering leader in the packaging industry focusing on enriching our customers and following major breakthroughs towards creating the best solutions to protect and package your products.

  • 1980-Birthday

The birthday of the Behband packaging industry was the beginning of its original activity focusing on the provision of packaging materials, machinery, and tools. Behband’s history began in 1980 when Hosein Jarrahi and Hamid Mazidi started their business foundation in the packaging industry. The idea of the company that gradually shaped Behband, came from two friends’ decision to pursue their passion for building a company that innovatively aims to become a pioneering world leader in the packaging industry. This cooperation was the starting point of a path aiming at our vision.

  • 1991-Production Development

Based on our experience, we commenced our initial PP strap production line. The launch of this production line was a major breakthrough for our company and was a big step toward one of the bases of the company’s values which is an innovative approach.

  • 1994-Production Development

Further expansion of our Strap production capabilities and developing product range, customized orders, and manufacturing specialty products.

  • 2000-Brand Registration

Official Registration of The Parent Brand and Sales Development. The official establishment of Behband Yazd Packaging Industry with a professional approach to Packaging Production, Services, and consulting.

  • 2000-Sales Development

Becoming sales representative of Joinpack, Zapak, Siebeck, Compack, Messersi, and Saizar. Having sales representatives in Tehran, Isfahan, and Tabriz. Producing two-color and printed straps for the first time in Iran.

  • 2010-Establishment of Etminan Gostar

Establishing a Service Company (Etminan Gostar)To provide packaging machine tools, services, and supply spare parts.

  • 2013-Qstrap

Building the foundations of new company and producing quality PP straps under the Qstrap brand by employing European technologies and standards.

  • 2014-Qstretch

Producing quality polyethylene stretch film under Qstretch brand, delivering and serving all around the world.

  • 2019-Easy Fresh

Producing food stretch film under Easy Fresh brand, providing high-quality protection for keeping food fresh utmost.

  • 2020-Production Development

Adding new production lines with the purpose of increasing market share in PP straps market.

Our Vision

Our vision is to walk toward becoming a reliable, innovative, and powerful source to help our customers reach and exceed their desires regarding the packaging solutions.

Our Mission

The basis of our company is formed on our mission. The key factor that has been driving our company’s team efforts and unitizing all the elements.

Our mission is to empower our community and customers through developing efficient, sufficient, reliable, economical, and high-quality packaging solutions.
We serve our customers passionately and strive to achieve our stakeholder’s ambitious aims.

Our Core Values

We strive to keep our company’s values as our guideline in the whole organization throughout the journey of empowering our customers properly and reaching our vision.

  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Building life-long relationships with our customers
  • Understanding and satisfying our customer’s needs
  • Fast service
  • Trying to bring you the best customer experience throughout the journey
  • Respecting our customer’s business and being responsible for their satisfaction
  • Valuing our human resources and building upon team work
  • Being Innovative and Market-focused
  • High quality
  • Products’ safety and security
Board Of Management

Board Of Management

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