Behband packaging industry is a family business dedicated to producing packaging products for more than 3 decades. It offers packaging products in a wide range from producing packaging straps and plastic wraps to packaging machinery.
Behband has always been a pioneering company in innovation and growth. Currently, it relies on more than 150 human resources to support you and provide 24/7 customer service to keep you satisfied.

About Us
Beginning its original activity focusing on provision of packaging machinery and tools.
Based on our exprience, we commenced our initial PP strap production line.
Production development
Official registraion of Behband Yazd Packaging Industry with a professional approach to packaging production, services, and consulting.
Official registration of the parent brand
Etminan Gostar was established with the purpose of providing packaging machine tools, services, and to supply spare parts.
Establishing a service company (EG)
Introduction of Qstrap and Qstretch brands, with high-quality products adhering to global compliance.
Qstrap and Qstretch
adding new production lines with the purpose of increasing market share in PP straps market.
Production development
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Packaging strap

For the purpose of Packaging, straps are one of the most doubtless solutions. With our variety of offered straps and well-established experience in strap production, we assure you to provide the best solution available to meet your demands. Packaging straps have different characteristics such as their width, thickness, and the material used in their production. While choosing from the wide range of packaging straps the most important factor is paying attention to the compatibility of the products with the strapping machine and the industry. Packaging straps are made from plastic or metal; each has its own application. Our expert sales engineers will help you find the right strapping solution for packaging your pallets and loads in the best and most efficient way possible. For more information please visit our strapping products and contact us.

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Stretch wrap

Stretch films are one of the packaging products that can protect and secure your loads by perfectly packaging them in your desired way.

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Behband Industries Group consists of many subsidiary brands which support various needs of packaging in different fields.

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