Pallet Strapping Machine - Horizontal Strapping

Pallet Strapping Machine - Horizontal Strapping

Item No. : ZXCEL


horizontal pallet strapping system with servo motor driving technology. the system's home position can be on both top and bottom, that is one pallet strapping from top down to bottom then it stays on bottom for next pallet horizontal strapping. this system saves lot of travelling time for backing to home position. this is high speed horizontal strapping system which may reach 8 strapping per minute. twin dispenser on the rear of stapping head which is smart design to minimize the strap travel between dispenser and pool magazine. this equipment have been applied in wine brewer. corrugated industry and TFT manufacturer---.


Servo motor driving system.
Strapping speed up to 8 straps per min.
Top-down or bottom-up strapping pattern.
Siemens PLC
10” HMI, touch screen panel
Pre-programmed for various strapping pattern
Auto self-loading device & looping ejector
Index sealing head with 200 mm stroke
Strap guide system & safety device.
Two dispensers, easy to change over.
Hinged mast easy for installation & transportation.
For PP&PET strapping