Standard Table Top Automatic

Standard Table Top Automatic

Item No. : A-68


Design for your high speed packaging demands, bottom seal standard strapping equipment can widely increase your productivity with its advanced tensioning system, and makes your strapping job easier with extraordinary competitive advantages.

Corresponding to broad range of product sizes, effectively making the strapping securing process maximizes your production speed. Used for polypropylene straps in economical narrow strap width of 5/6, or 7/8/9mm, this automatic strapping machine is perfect match for general industry uses. Strapping machine is more compact because PP Strapping dispenser is installed at the rear of the machine, so it's especially recommended to use it in post offices, gift shops, bookstores, newspaper/printing houses, mail rooms...etc. Driven by servo motors expands to 50 straps/min for cycle time.

This high quality automatic strapping machine contains bottom heat sealed elements for maximum seal efficiency. Including several valuable features such as auto load in feed and retracting system, loop ejector and short feeding detection device. Extra options add up its strapping performance and its user-friendly characteristics. Top press compactor could be also applied upon your demand. It's also available for roller driven table top for corrugated strapping, and for bundle stop device.

The most durable and robust strapping equipment; high performance and less-maintenance required packaging machine for your daily operation.


Servo motor driving system.
Automatic loop ejecting system.
Constant heater temperature.
Strap end ejecting system.
Electronic tension control.
Weld coolingtime adjustable.
Waist hight self-loading device.
Instant heating: 30 seconds.
One poece arch.
PLC control
Heavy-duty frame & caster.
High speed:over 50 straps/min.
Strap width:5/6 or 7/8/9mm - specified
Strap empty indicator
CE standard




Cycle Time

over 50 straps/Min.(50/60Hz)

Tension Range


Sealing Method

Heating element

Strap Width

5,6,7,8,9mm specified

Package Size

Min. W60 x H30 mm

Reel Inside Diameter..


Reel Outside Diameter


Power Supply

110/220/230/240V, 50/60Hz, 1PH specified

Power Consumption

1.8 kw

Sealing Head Height

830~930mm adjustable

Layout Dimension

L 900x W580 x H1320mm



Press Unit