Top Sheet Dispenser

Top Sheet Dispenser

Item No. : TSD

Superior-quality of Joinpack wrapping machine is capable of accommodating your packaging demands, with a full line of semi-automatic and fully automatic wrapping machines. Easy-to-use and low maintenance costs increase the efficiency of your load containment. Our wrapping solution provides innovative packaging designs to reduce intensive hand-wrapping labor force in many applications. Excellent wrapping option device applies top sheet to your packing pallet to wrap them more comprehensively.

Not only reliable and consistent wrapping performance, our pallet wrapping stretch machines also tally with safety rules and standards for your factory automation application. PE film stretch machines bring you the best packaging equipments in stabilizing your products.


Dispense a sheet of polyethylene
on top of pallet before wrapping.
Available for both arm rotator and
turntable stretch wrapping machine.
Photocell for auto loading height sensing.