Automatic Flap Folding and Sealing Machine with Side Belt Driven

Automatic Flap Folding and Sealing Machine with Side Belt Driven

Item No. : JP-503


Flap folding and sealing machine is for uniform box, batch production,
Carton sealer’s width and height is adjustable depend on different box size.
When box travels in, first front and rear minor flaps folded, then major flaps folded.
Three flaps folding device.
Carton sealer tapes the box upper and lower smoothly at the same time.
It's easy to integrate with existing in-line conveyor system.


Major and minor flaps folding, four flaps folder device
For uniform boxes of sizes
Width and height adjustable by crank handle
Heavy duty side belt drive
Top and bottom sealing with adhesive tape
Reliable tape head to seal box smoothly
Table height adjustable from 570~770 mm
Sturdy mast, strong construction
Dual side pressure rollers to keep sealing tight
Integrate with the conveyor or case erector
Auto stop device




Sealing size

Max. L600 x W500 x H500mm

Sealing size

Min. L150 x W150 x H120mm

Tape Width

2" (3" option)

Tape overlap


Side belt

W 50mm

Uniform box

Uniform box

Flap folding

Flap folding

Table Height


Belt speed

20 M/min. (at 60Hz)

Air Consumption

6 kgs/cm2

Power Supply

110/220/240V, 50/60Hz, 1PH

Power Consumption

220/380/415/440V, 50/60Hz, 3PH

Layout Dimension

L1930 x W960 x H1600



Side safety mesh steel guard
CE certified