Fully-automatic Edge Carton Sealer for Random Box

Fully-automatic Edge Carton Sealer for Random Box

Item No. : JP-504A


When box travel in, side pusher will push the box, then upper and lower tape head seal the box 4 edges up and down at the same time.
Fully-automatic edge carton sealer is for random box, machine width and height automatically adjust to meet different box size.

In order to get consistent H type sealing, at first in the front of edge sealer, it
can integrate with JP-503A Fully-automatic flaps folding and sealing machine.


For random boxes of sizes
Mounted transfer front with pusher
4 edges (top & bottom) sealing with adhesive tape
Reliable tape head to seal box smoothly
Table height adjustable from 570~770 mm
Sturdy mast, strong construction
Integrate with JP-503A for H type sealing




Tape Width

2” or 3” (option)

Sealing size

L 280~630xW220~520 x H 225~60

Belt speed

20 M/per min. (at 60Hz,motor ratio:1:18)

Air Consumption


Machine Size

L 2100 x W1470 x H 1500 mm



Safety fence
CE certified