Bottom Flap Folder

Bottom Flap Folder

Item No. : JP-506


Our company provides Bottom Flap Folder and Carton Sealer with high standard and reasonable price.

Manually pick up and square the box. Keep minor flap hit right stopper.
When box activate the switch at the side, it energize bottom folders to fold major flaps automatically.
After product loading and top flaps folding in manually, push the box out.
This machine can integrate with JP-501 or JP-502 carton sealer to tape the box upper and lower at the same time. Then this combination can make one person form, pack & seal in one operation.


Operator pick & square the box
Keep minor flap tough the right stopper.
2 major flaps automatically folding.
All pneumatic control, safety high.
Integrate with JP-501 or 502, make 1 person to form
Pack & seal in one operation.
Accommodate a width range of boxes.
Table height adjustable.




Random box

W 50mm

Table Height

490~790mm adjustable

Layout Dimension

L895x W713 x H490~790 mm