About Behband

Behband Yazd Packaging Industry wasestablished in 1993 and has been offering different type of packaging tools for its customers’ needs in different areas.Ithas become one of the chief packaging strap producers in Iran, and also doing as a significant importer of different kinds of modern packaging machines all around the world.

Regarding 20 years’ experience with keeping quality, doing fast services and trusty patronage, we try to assist themain goal of our organization whichis our customer’s satisfaction.We are always ready to hear from our customersto use their suggestions toward organization’s progress and offering best services as they deserve.

Our experts’ advices in choosing suitable productsfor your industrywould make you feel confidentabout your choice.


Behband Yazd Packaging Company with more than 20 years’ experience in packaging industry is the first producer of tow colored strap in Iran.Supplying every kind of Full automatic, Automatic, Semi-automatic, portable and strapping tools, carton sealers and pallet wrapping machines includes the major part of company activities.
It is also the adviser, designer and implementer of strapping automation for production lines considering weight and dimensions of customer’s productions.


“Behband”means “safe connection”and this brand can be the proxy of companyexperience, knowledge of its Technicians and the high quality and speed of after sales services.



Providing your requested goods by the time you need them because of steady connections with powerful suppliers,adequate storage of productions and machines, regional distribution network and best services.



Behband Yazd Packaging Industry do the safest solutions in packaging for different industries such as carton and paper, tile and ceramic, brick, drinking and food, appliances, automobile spares, wire, plastic, medical and drug, carpet, Thread and fibers, nail and screw.